Rilasciato Super GRUB2 Disk 1.98s1



E' stata appena rilasciato super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso e ci sono diverse novità in questa nuova release, come si può vedere:

  • Updated for the latest stable grub release, 1.98.
  • Single "hybrid" image can be used to make a bootable CD, floppy, or USB drive.
  • Option to find and load loop bootable iso files. Currently supported distributions:
    Grml, Parted Magic, Sidux, Slax Tinycore, Ubuntu, and any distribution that ships with a loopback.cfg ).
  • Option to enable GRUB2's native PATA drivers to work around BIOS bugs/limitations.
  • Option to enable GRUB2's native USB drivers (experimental).
  • Option to list information about devices/partitions.
  • Enabling serial terminal no longer disables console input/output.
  • Better error handling/reporting.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


per costruire un iso partendo dal source

$ cd supergrub-1.98s1

$ ./supergrub-mkrescue

Autore: Franco Conidi aka edmond

Senior System Integrator, Network Administrator, Sys Admin Linux, Linux User, Consulente Informatico.

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