SysLinuxOS for Systems Integrator

SysLinuxOS for System Integrator è una debian stable based, creata da me, che include quasi tutti i tools che possono servire per il lavoro, ed in più altri strumenti fuori dai repository ufficiali, che servono ad avere una distro funzionante subito, ed oltre a poterla installare la si può utilizzare e provare da live.

SysLinuxOS (for Systems Integrator) is an Debian-based GNU/Linux live distribution, created for Systems Integrator and Sysadmins. It offers a complete networking environment that is organised to integrate existing software tools, with others added by me, and has an friendly graphical interface. SysLinuxOS was built to work right out of the box, with all networking tools already installed by default. There is no need to install anything, it is a Swiss army knife to always carry with us. There are all the major VPNs, different remote control clients, different browsers, Wine, Wireshark, Etherape, Ettercap, PackETH, Packetsender, Putty, Nmap, Packet Tracer 8, tools for serial console and much more ….

Based on Debian 11 bullseye

Mate Desktop Environment, and last backports kernel 5.16!

enjoy 😉

Autore: Franco Conidi aka edmond

Senior System Integrator, Network Administrator, Sys Admin Linux, Linux User, Consulente Informatico.

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